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Sprint/United Mgmt. Co. v. Mendelsohn
No. 06-1221


    Sprint/United Management Company v. Ellen Mendelsohn


    Civil Rights, Discrimination, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Evidence, Labor & Employment Law


    This case presents a recurring question of proof in employment discrimination cases: whether a district court must admit "me, too" evidence - testimony, by nonparties, alleging discrimination at the hands of persons who played no role in the adverse employment decision challenged by the plaintiff.

    The Tenth Circuit panel majority held that a court commits reversible error by excluding "me, too" evidence. This decision conflicts with those of other circuits. Specifically, four circuits have held "me, too" evidence wholly irrelevant. Five circuits have held that "me, too" evidence may be excluded under Federal Rule of Evidence 403. Granting certiorari will resolve the conflict between the circuit courts of appeals on this important question of law.



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Counsel of Record

For Petitioner:

Paul W. Cane Jr.
Paul, Hastings, Janofsky
San Francisco, CA

For Respondent:

Dennis E. Egan
The Popham Law Firm, P.C.
Kansas City, MO


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