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US Supreme Court Docket

Supreme Court Docket
Supreme Court Docket

[Download January 12, 2008 Argument Calendar PDF]

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Kansas v. Ventris
No. 07-1356


    Kansas v. Ventris


    Criminal Law and Procedure, Sixth Amendment, Miranda Rights


    Whether a criminal defendant’s “voluntary statement obtained in the absence of a
    knowing and voluntary waiver of the [Sixth Amendment] right to counsel,” Michigan
    v. Harvey
    , 494 U.S. 344, 354 (1990), is admissible for impeachment purposes—a
    question the Court expressly left open in Harvey and which has resulted in a deep
    and enduring split of authority in the Circuits and state courts of last resort?


  • Supreme Court of Kansas, Opinion Filed: February 1, 2008


  • Docket Sheet From the U.S. Supreme Court.


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Counsel of Record

For Petitioner:

Stephen R. McAllister
Kansas Solicitor General's Office
Topeka, KS

For Respondent:

Matthew J. Edge
Kansas Appellate Defender Office
Topeka, KS



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