US Supreme Court Filing Guides

INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING FORMS III. Cover Page - Rule 34 When you complete the form for the cover page:

A. Leave case number blank. The number will be assigned by the Clerk when the case is docketed.

B. Complete the case caption as you did on the motion for leave to proceed in forma pauperis.

C. List the court from which the action is brought on the line following the words "on petition for a writ of certiorari to." If your case is from a state court, enter the name of the court that last addressed the merits of the case. For example, if the highest state court denied discretionary review, and the state court of appeals affirmed the decision of the trial court, the state court of appeals should be listed. If your case is federal, the United States court of appeals that decided your case will always be listed here.

D. Enter your name, address, and telephone number in the appropriate spaces.

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