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1. PAGE AND TYPE SIZE:      The petition and the appendix required by Rule 14 must be presented on paper that is 6 1/8 by 9 1/4 inches and not less than 60 pounds in weight as stated in Rule 33.1(a) and (c). The color of the cover must be white. Rule 33.1(g)(i). The petition shall be typeset in traditional Roman 11-point or larger type with 2-point or more leading between lines. Footnotes must be 9-point or larger with 2-point or more leading between lines. Please note that computer generated "Roman" type is smaller than traditional Roman type and you may need to increase the font size. Any type that is actually called 11-point for the body and 9-point for the footnotes that does not measure on a typesize finder to be 11-point and 9-point will not be accepted. There is a discrepancy between what traditionally is considered 11-point type and what today's computers refer to as 11-point type. The problem encompasses both typeface and type size. The Roman type mentioned in the Rules refers to traditional roman type (as opposed to script or italics). It does not refer to computer-generated "Roman" such as "Times New Roman" font. Likewise, computer generated 11-point type size does not always correspondto 11-point type size produced using traditional printing methods. Examples of unacceptable 11-point typeface are Times New Roman, Garamond, Garamond W 1, Goudy OLSt Bt, CG Times, Baskerville, and Times Roman. Acceptable 11-point typefaces are Book Antiqua, Bookman Oldstyle, Charter BT, Galliard BT, Chelthm ITC BK BT, Palatino, and New Century Schoolbook. Attached are sample copies of correct and incorrect type. The typeface should be similar to that used in the current volumes of the United States Reports. Rule 33.1(b).

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