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2. COVER and COVER PAGE INFORMATION:      The front and back covers of the petition shall consist of 65-pound weight white paper. Rule 33.1(e). Items on the cover of the petition shall be in the order set forth in Rule 34.1(a) through (f). The caption of the case must list the petitioner(s) in this Court on the topside of the versus with your real opponent(s) on the bottom side. You should not copy the caption of the case as it appeared in the lower court unless it accurately identifieswho the petitioner(s) and who the respondent(s) are in this Court. Counsel of record shall be a member of the Bar of this Court at the time the petition is presented for filing. Rule 34.1(f). Names of other attorneys who are members of the Bars of the several states may be listed on the cover, but names of non-lawyers such as research assistants, law students, and advisors may not appear on the cover under any circumstances. Nor are they to be credited with having contributed to the preparation of the petition either in the text, in a footnote, or at the conclusion of the petition. If you are representing yourself, your name, address, and telephone number shall appear on the cover. If the names of the parties are too lengthy to be fully included on the cover of the petition, a short caption may be used. The complete listing of the parties to the proceeding in this Court shall be placed on the page following Questions Presented for Review. Rule 14.1(b). No text of the petition is to appear on the inside of the front or back covers. Do not list the October Term of the Court on the cover of the petition. A sample cover that may be followed as to form only is attached to this memo.

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