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6. CONTENTS OF APPENDIX:     The appendix to the petition must contain all items required by Rule 14.1(i). If you are seeking review of a state court judgment and an intermediate state appellate court was the last court to act on the merits, you shall include in the appendix any order regarding a petition for rehearing that may have been acted upon by that court as well as any orders denying discretionary review that may have been issued by higher state courts. Any order denying rehearing that starts the running of the time for filing the petition must also be contained in the appendix. Those orders shall include the caption showing the name of the issuing court, the title and number of the case, and the date of entry. Rule 14.1(i)(i) through (iv). If you are seeking review of a judgment from a United States Court of Appeals, you must, on that document, include the names of the judges who acted on the appeal. Any published and unpublished opinions issued with respect to the judgment sought to be reviewed shall be included in the appendix. Should the appendix become too voluminous, it may be presented in a separate volume or volumes with white covers bearing the appropriate caption. Should reference be made to unpublishedopinions issued in cases referred to in the text of the petition, ten copies of those opinions shall be lodged with the Clerk at the time the petition is filed. These copies may be on letter size paper adequately bound without use of spiral or other plastic or metal binding and have an appropriate cover identifying the petition and the document lodged. [ Back ] [ Index ] [ Next ]

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