US Supreme Court Filing Guides

7. REPRODUCING DOCUMENTS IN APPENDIX:     Material contained in the appendix as required by Rule 14.1(i) must also comply in all respects with the type size and page size requirements contained in Rule 33.1. Lower court orders and opinions issued on paper larger than 6 1/8 by 9 1/4 inches may not be photoreduced. Rule 33.1(b). These items must be reformatted to comply with Rule 33.1 and they must contain the caption showing the name of the issuing court or agency, the title and number of the case, and the date of entry. Rule 14.1(i). If a signature is contained on the original, reproduce the name by using "s/__________". The seal of the lower court and the file stamp may be reproduced by typesetting the information verbatim. Photo reproductions from Federal Supplement, Federal 2nd and 3rd Reporters, and regional reporters are not acceptable under Rule 33.1. Such materials must be reformatted to comply with the type size requirements of Rule 33.1. Items in the appendix are to be arranged as required by Rule 14.1(i)(i) through (vi). [ Back ] [ Index ] [ Next ]

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