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11. TIME FOR FILING:      You have ninety calendar days, not three months, from the date of entry of judgment, order or opinion, or the date a timely filed petition for rehearing is denied, or a subsequent judgment based on the grant of the petition for rehearing, within which to file with the Clerk a petition for a writ of certiorari. Rule 13.1 and .3. The time to file does not begin to run when the mandate, remittitur, rescript, or similar document issues or is filed in the lower court. Rule 13.3. In order for the petition to be timely filed, it shall either be received by the Clerk of the Court within those ninety days or be sent to the Clerk by first-class United States Postal Service, including express and priority mail, postage pre-paid,and bearing a postmark showing that the document was mailed on or before the last day for filing. Commercial postage meter labels alone are not acceptable under Rule 29.2. Forwarding a petition to the Court by use of a private delivery or courier service such as Federal Express, Airborne, or UPS does not substitute for use of the United States Postal Service. If using such a private delivery service, filing is the date of receipt of the petitionby the Clerk, not the date it was given to the private courier.

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