Past Justices

John Jay - The First Chief Justice

The first Chief Justice had led a distinguished career long before he ascended to the highest bench of the land. His impressive accomplishments included serving as President of the Continental Congress, Chief Justice of New York, and Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

More Firsts

Modern Trailblazer - Thurgood Marshall

In Brown v. Board of Education, this trailblazer persuaded the Supreme Court to end segregation in public elementary schools. A decade later, he joined the high court as the first African-American justice. During his term, he defended affirmative action programs, arguing that the nation still had not eliminated racial discrimination or its vestiges.

Famous & Infamous Justices

Earl Warren

This former California Governor rose to prominence during one of America's most tumultous periods -- the 50's and 60's. Despite his Republican credentials, this Chief Justice proved to be a "liberal" on controversial issues, such as racial segregation, and many called for his impeachment.

Other Notable Justices

Impeached Samuel Chase

A partisan and outspoken Federalist, this Justice actively campaigned for the Alien and Sedition Acts and sought the indictment of Republican editors who opposed the Federalists. For his open bias and other alleged acts of judicial misconduct, this Justice stands as the only justice to be impeached by the House of Representatives.

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